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LED Arrow Mirror

  LED Arrow Mirror OFF   LED Arrow Mirror ON

  Multi-layer coating mirror
  With backing plate

  Cr coating mirror
  Without backing plate
  Action vedio: daytime Action vedio: nighttime
Laser marking: (Option)
                Onday.wmv (475KB)               OnNight.wmv (217KB)  
Solid LED Arrow/ Double rows
Sequence LED Arrow / Single row         NEW

Download video
"SolidArrow_D" (3.2MB)

Download video
"SequenceArrow_S" (2.7MB)
LED arrows act same frequency as original turn-signal lights.
Safer --Remind your direction to whom are close to your car.
Easy recognition
Easy installation
LED arrows are hided behind the mirror. In front of the mirror,
    you cannot see LED arrows when turn-signal lights are off.
Double rows for Solid LED Arrow;
    Single row for Sequence LED Arrow.
High-intensity LED lamps
Wide-angle mirror
Selectable LED colors -- Red/ Yellow/ Amber/ Blue
Good waterproof for applying to car and motorcycle
Customize by small quantity
OEM/ODM are welcome
  Mirror type : Cr coating mirror (White)
Multi-layer coating mirror (Blue)
LED colors:

Red, Amber, or Blue(special order)

  Mirror angle : 1400R LED quantity: 15 pieces
  Mirror models: Most of car models are available.
Please refer to Car Model List (English).
Please refer to Car Model List (Japanese).
(Adobe PDF file)

Plastic frame :

Some car models are available.
Please refer to (Adobe PDF file)
Car Model List (English).
Car Model List (Japanese).
  Dimensions: Genuine mirror size smaller
than 19cm x13cm
Operating voltage: 12V
  LED Arrow Mirror Right x 1
LED Arrow Mirror Left x 1
Installation manual x 1
Wire connector x 4
White box (L23.2cmXW15cmXH5.1cm)


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